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The Famous Bass Drum Buddah was created by Pamela McDonald, a Glasgow based artist.


Disclaimer: Any action, direct or indirect, which is caused by reliance on any of the information pertained or inferred by news items below can have no legal effect, remedy or action unless said action is "for humour".

Further Disclaimer: Any person caught using Blues Buddahs images, sounds, patter or lingo will be subject to a sound thrashing.

Third Disclaimer: The party in the first part shall be referred to as the first party, and the party in the second part shall be referred to as the second party, in all matters pertaining to the party that the first and second parties are party to.


Well folks, it is with a tear in our eye that we post this last message on, our online home for the last 3 years! Due to ever increasing pop ups and adverts taking over the site we had to make the decision of moving away from the freeservers network. Never fear however as we have our new website up, running and fully operational! It is in many ways a great leap forward and we hope you will enjoy it. Onwards, Buddah soldiers, to a new chapter in the chequered history of THE FABULOUS BLUES BUDDAHS!


A FLASH IN THE PAN? (11/6/06): The Blues Buddahs are unavoidably excited to tell you that we have set up a new flash website for all you Buddah lovers out there! Now remember what the doctor said about your blood pressure but please go now to enjoy the magical delights of the Blues Buddahs by visiting we know you'll love it!

BUDDAHS GO INTO FESTIVAL OVERDRIVE (5/6/06): The Buddahs can now confirm our appearance at the Original Arbroath Smokie Blues Festival on Saturday 15th July 2006, and our many thanks to organiser Alfie Dickson for offering us the slot. Also thanks to Bob Telford of the Dundee Blues Bonanza for putting us in touch. This brings our festival appearances of 2006 to a wholesome 5: The Glasgow Jazz Festival, The Dundee Blues Bonanza, The Arbroath Smokie Blues Festival, The Scottish Borders Blues Festival and The Callander Jazz & Blues festival!! We are also in discussions with the Edinburgh Jazz Festival to get a shot there as well, watch this space!

"BIG BLUES DAY" CONFIRMED (30/5/06): The Blues Buddahs are pleased to confirm our inclusion at this years Glasgow Jazz Festival by taking part in the Big Blues Day being held at The Renfrew Ferry on Sunday 25/6/06. Here is an excerpt from the Renfrew Ferry website:
Big Blues Day
25/06/2006 Doors open at 12.30pm We open at half past mid-day and close when the bands run out of material. A must for all fans of 'The Blues' this event features some of the most talented musicians in Scotland. Food served all day and night. Bands playing are: Lights Out By Nine, Dealer, The New Blues Surfers, Defender, Jinx, The Lynsey Dolan Band, The Blues Devils, The Blues Buddahs, Roost, Main Street Blues, Alan Nimmo and Al Hughes. it sounds like its going to a full on days worth of bluesy goodness! Log onto the Renfrew Ferry website at 
for more details and booking information.

A STING IN THE TAIL (27/5/06) GIG REVIEW, THE KING BEES, BON ACCORD: Young Glasgow based blues band King Bees filled in for The Blues Buddahs in this gig but found time to include singer Dennis Smalley and drummer Stephen McGowan in a one-off line up in this gig. The King Bees feature Henry on lead guitar and vocals, Billy on lead & rhythm guitar and Jonathan on bass and together they play a firebrand, passionate style of blues. For singer Dennis,  who had guested with the KBs before, and drummer Stephen, the set list was all too similar as most of the great Buddah classics were brought out. HOwever the two errant Buddahs did get to play some other numbers not usually associated with the Buddahs, including "Sweet Little Angel", "In the Dark", "Motherless Child", "TV Mama" and others. The first half fizzled and only threatened to explode, but in the second half Guy Fawkes himself would have been proud as the band came together to produce some excellent blues, none more so than in the twin guitar stand off in "Watch Out" which had the crowd in raptures. The King Bees are not playing regularly at the moment but they are one to watch for the future as they have exciting talents which demand to be in the music scene more and more. Good luck to you, King Bees, and all who sail in you!

In response to some web fans, we have updated the Gallery section to include some more live pictures of the Band as well as some posters and off beat "behind the scenes" shots. Why not take a look? Go on, you know you want to!

CALLANDER JAZZ&BLUES FESTIVAL APPEARANCE LIKELY (4/5/06) : is pleased to confirm that we have been invited to play two nights at the Callander International Jazz & Blues Festival in September 2006, known as "Jazz up the Trossachs". We will publish more details of this event soon, however please visit the fabulous for more information on this fantastic event.

FERRY NUFF (26/4/06):
The Buddahs have been in contact with The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, regarding a possible gig in June as part of a mini blues festival. We will keep you posted of any further details as soon as we have them.

The Buddahs are pleased to confirm our debut appearance at this festival. We will be playing in the Cross Keys, Denholm, Hawick, on Saturday 9th September 2006. More details will follow soon.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BLUES BAND! (26/4/06) Britain's best blues music magazine, Blues Matters! is running a feature on unsigned blues bands throughout the UK to try give some coverage to hard working bands. Blues Matters! we salute you! Log onto now for more info.

ICH BIEN EIN RORY GALLAGHER (22/4/06): GIG REVIEW, McCHUILLS: In what must surely be the finest Buddahs gig of 2006 to date, this gig saw the band throw out the 2nd set in favour of taking a series of requests from a fantastic crowd which included a set of German tourists, a gaggle of Irish tourists, the irascible Nick Simmonds and entourage, along with a surprise guest appearance from drummer Stephen's fellow law student Suzie and her man Davey. The language barrier proved more troublesome from the Irish than the Germans, and shouts from the children of the Emerald Isle for "Mustang Sally" fell on deaf ears, opposed to the acceptable requests from the Deutschlanders for Irelands own Rory Gallagher! The cavernous sound of this venue can sometimes throw the band off but the patrons responded to the welter of upbeat blues nonsense will aplomb, making for an extremely enjoyable night of blues music. Favourites with the crowd were "Messin' with the Kid", "I'm So Glad", and an impromptu segue of "Shaking all Over-Peter Gunn-Money" which had them rocking in the aisles. More surpising was the impromptu drum solo from Herr Sticks at the end of "Double Trouble", which surprised no one more than the sticks man himself! Taverna owner and 60s beat-combo throwback Nicky Stewart, whilst looking lost without his traditional cigar in light of the smoking ban, congratulated the Buddahs on an excellent performance and has asked us back in a few months. The Buddahs would like to thank all the people who attended and made this gig such a great night. 

Our 3rd recent appearance in this west end venue, the ceiling of which resembles an upturned ark, saw a triumphant return of two particular numbers: "Heart Beat Like a Hammer" and "I'm So Glad". These two, along with the ubiquitous explosion of passion that is "I'd Rather Go Blind" were probably the highlights of the night. The gig kicked off a little later than usual, as guitar hero Landward Kaliedoscope had been held up on his way. Literally. Seemingly two masked men on horses had approached his vehicle and attempted to rob him - however Landward, using his special blues power, managed to defeat these truly horrifying foes with a quick burst of electric jazz fusion, which had the effect of blinding the blackguards and lucky Landward was able to sneak away.

This, the Buddahs first gig since the implementation of the smoking Ban in Bonnie Scotland, was met with wild eyed panic by local council enforcers as the Buddahs played up such a storm that fire was dancing on the fretboard of Lamination Studioscope's guitar, steam was coming out of singer Dennis Smalley's ears, smoke was billowing out of the pants of bassist Wilbert Wilbert and drummer Stephen McShoogle was arrested for pyromania! The new management indicated that there may be chance of future gigs here in the summer months, but in the meantime the crowd who had braved the rain of the evening startled the Buddahs with a number of well informed requests and well wishes for the future. One or two of the patrons even offered to follow the band back down to Glasgow for future gigs. Watch this space!

GIG NEWS: ONE IN, ONE OUT (28/03/06):
Due to a change in management, The Cutty Sark in Dumbarton has decided not to proceed with live bands. However, the last ever gig for the premises will be The Blues Buddahs on Friday 31st March 2006. However, this means our planned gig on May 12th 2006 is now cancelled. We would like to wish the Cutty Sark all the best for the future. As one gig goes, another crops up! The Buddahs have been invited back again to Hillhead Sports Club and the date has been set at Monday 10th April 2006. Be sure to come along as the Club is a great, intimate venue for the Buddahs musical histrionics.

This, the Buddahs second foray into the world of the famous west end sports club colloquially known as "Hughenden", again provided our bluesy chums with an enjoyable intimate atmosphere. Once-in-a-while harmonica player Dave appeared on the scene, and while the place was dead the Buddahs played a good few lung bursting blues which even featured a sixth Buddah, long suffering Buddahs ferryman Raymond who accompanied the band throughout most of the first set on tambourine. Guitarist Lambwool Periscope had been battling with a touch of the old black water fever but managed to Buddahlise for the full gig despite his wilting energy levels! Despite chivalrous attempts at bare face plugging by the management, the turnout was negligible which is a shame as this is a great venue.  Highlights were probably the bluesy jams featuring six band members, although the hardy few who appeared on the scene seemed to like "Love That Burns" and a galloping "Watch Out!"

Who would have guessed that the annual holiday of the Oslo branch of the Norwegian Lava Lamp Dancers Association would have chosen to pop into The Bon Accord, Glesga? And who would have thought that this would coincide with your bluesy heroes latest offering. And who would have thought that rapscallion front man Dennis Smalley could have kept his concentration with various writhing Norwegian lovelies in front of him? Well, avid web watchers, think no more. Cast aside your disbelief, open your arms and praise the pyschedlic blues lashings of The Fabulous Blues Buddahs! Another hot as hell night in the Buddahs ancestral home will be remembered more for the gyratory prowess of the drunken Norsewomen ; but note that Glasgow's longest running good times blues band also served up some fiery songs that even the legions of deceased warriors living it up in Valhalla would have been bloodthirstly proud of.

I SAID THAT'S FIFE (14/3/06):
Regretably the Fife gig has not worked out for the Buddahs due to government intervention. Seemingly the area has been under close scrutiny by black suited agents with all manners of gadgetry, intent on proving the locals belief that we are not alone in the universe. There was, however, no suggestion that the Buddahs themselves are implicated in other wordly shenanigans despite a previous admission that guitarist Lambikins Horrorscope hails from the planet Zoob. Zoobians are reknowned pyschadelic-jazz infused blues guitarists throughout the galaxy, however in the great space guitar stand off in 53,304 YOFTB (Year of The Zoob) the axe wailing was so cosmic Lambikins was the only survivor of all the Zoobians. Eager to escape he has travelled to our planet and alongside playing with the Buddahs has been involved in a series of "hilarious" misadventures as an alien struggling to fit into the human way of life.

TROUBLE & FIFE (8/3/06):
The Buddahs are in discussions to play the Bowhill Hotel, Cardenden, Fife later on this month. Keep your eyes peeled for further news soon!

RUGBY RETURN (8/3/06): Following the success of our debut gig at Hillhead Sports Club (see below), The Buddahs are most delighted to announce another gig, on Monday 20th March 2006. The show starts at 8pm and will be full of psychadelic blues humour. Be sure to contact BDM Alex Fleming on  0141 357 1115 for further info.

The Blues Buddahs are pleased to announce our return in 2006 to The Waverley Hotel, Main Street, Callander having confirmed dates in August and September - see the Gigs page for more details sportsfans!

ANOTHER FINE NESS (28/2/06): The Buddahs moved swiftly today to deny media reports that the true identity of the Loch Ness Monster had been revealed - no, not a swimming elephant, but in fact Buddahs bass playing bon-vivant Willie Whitelaw, practising his snorkling. Whitelaw, who in 1862 travelled the world as a ninja assassin, told  "I can confirm that my appearance in the Loch did ruffle a few feathers. However I can personally vouch that the beastie is real -  i had lunch with JFK the other day and he told me he had seen it".

RUGBY CLUB TACKLED (21/2/06) GIG REVIEW, HILLHEAD SPORTS CLUB: As a new venue for the Buddahs, the band were looking forward to seeing how a different crowd would react, and we are happy to report that the gig was a success. Ably supported by deft jazz-picker Michael Strain, who played a supporting 1 hour set of swingin' jazz and blues guitar, The Buddahs took to the stage and were met with an immediate response from the crowd. Although the turnout was not extravagant, those who had arrived were not let down and The Buddahs received a very generous feedback of praise from the punters after the gig. BDM Alex Fleming said: "The Buddahs went down a storm and I've already asked them back again in the near future. The feedback at the bar was excellent and i'm hopeful that we can start something regular. Now that a hardcore of club members have seen the band word will quickly spread and we look forward to the next gig". Highlights of the night were "Black Magic Woman", which had been a request from patron Archie Henderson, and a stunningly powerful rendition of "Id Rather Go Blind" which brought the house down. The band had a great time and we hope to confirm another date in the future.

APRIL SHOWERS WITH BLUES (16/2/06): The Buddahs have now opened their April 06 account of live gigs, with old stalwart McChuills, High Street Glasgow, now confirmed for 21st April 2006. The Buddahs also hope to secure another gig or two in this popular live venue before the year is out. Also be on the lookout for some dates about to be announced in The Waverley Hotel, Callander.

RECORDING RUMOURS ABOUND (11/2/06): Yet again the local press has been bristling with anticipation at rumours of a proposed recording session sometime this Spring. Initially, the bristling was put down to a combination of rather bad case of black-water rash which had spread amongst the journos and hacks of the fair city fo glasgow, and an invasion of vicious robotic hedgehogs which had attached themselves with spiny, robotic tendrils to the nervous systems of the journalists in an attempt to control the press and take over the world. 

GARTMORE RESCHEDULED (4/2/06): Due a local lemur-herding event, the Buddahs appearance at The Black Bull in Gartmore has been put back to sometime later in Spring - watch this space for details.

RUGBY CLUB GIG CONFIRMED (3/2/06): The Buddahs will be the main event at an inaugural Blues & Jazz night at Hillhead Sports & Rugby Club, otherwise known as Hughenden, on Hughenden Terrace in the West End of Glasgow. The Night begins at 7pm Monday 20th February 2006 and also features support from swing/jazz acoustic guitarist Michael Strain, formerly of Mud & Butter. Alexander Fleming, Business Development Manager of the Rugby Club, said: "The Buddahs have a great reputation and have been playing around Glasgow for 6 years now. We hope they can kick start a great music night which will run for a while". He later said "I have not been bribed in any way by this amazing, fantastic, and emotionally exhilirating band".

GIG UPDATES (25/1/06): The Buddahs regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances the planned "northern tour" has not proved possible, however we hope to reschedule this for later in the year. However we can announce that we have been invited to play at an inaugural live music night in Hughenden Sports Club, Hillhead. Business Development Manager Alexander Fleming has been a long time admirer of The Buddahs and we have been lucky enough to be asked to the first band to get the night up and running. At this stage the planned nite is Monday 20th February 2006 ; which will be confirmed shortly.

ACES IN THE PACK (24/1/06): The Buddahs hear on the grapevine that our erstwhile harpist, Richie Rinn, has repackaged his funkalicious band The Boogaloo Investigators under the new monicker of "The Five Aces". The Five Aces are based in Glasgow and play R&B (think hammond organs, not prison issue clothing and booty) to make you get up (get on up) and dance! Check them out at

MUD & BITTER ? (22/1/06):
We are most happy to announce that Glasgow's finest swingin' jazz & smooth blues band, MUD & BUTTER, are to quit. The band, formed by the "fifth" Buddah , guitarist/singer Michael Strain, are to play a farewell gig in The Halt Bar on Sunday 30th January 2006 from 8pm. Former M&B drummer and Buddah stalwart Stephen McGowan will return to the line up for this one off occasion alongside sax player Fiona Garvie. God bless you, Mud & Butter, and all who sailed in you.

CLOSE TO TEARS (05/01/06): The Buddahs are pleased to announce that they have been featured in the Dec/Jan06 edition of BLUES MATTERS! ( Check Blues Matters! out at ) in the form of a review of the Buddah's appearance at the Dundee Blues Bonanaza. The review itself discusses most of the bands, if not all, that appeared however it seems that the Buddahs have left their mark! Check out the review on the review page of this website, and the excerpt on the home page.

STRANGE BREW? (11/12/05) GIG REVIEW, BON ACCORD: The Buddahs strike again in our favourite haunt! Another Bon Accord gig to add to list, and a few favourite fans were in attendance for support, including erstwhile Scot Blues News reviewer Nick Simmonds, who had warned the band about the vagaries of touring and the inevitable mental decline of all drummers. That notwithstanding, the Buddahs put on another fiery show of blues and psychadelic jazz to the delight of the crowd. Highlight of the night was probably "I'd rather go blind". This barnstorming slow builder brought the house down and Dennis gave his all yet again. The Buddahs have been given their usual recquisition of annual gigs for the premises in 2006 - details to be published soon. The other highlight of the night was bass player Willie's guzzlng of yon Blanc beer with such delight, repose and audacity that he quickly quaffed the entire stock to much applause and glee. Needless to say, Mr Whitelaw had to be escorted from the premises crying "Infamy, infamy..." you know the rest.

Another entry in the Blues Buddahs canon of debut gigs, and this one is no different. yet again, our triumphant heroes got away with it again at this surprisingly pleasing performance. Playing in the "Syxties" function room downstairs, the Band was supported in earnest by acoustic crack Chris who warbled his way to a hefty round of applause. It was not all plain sailing. Drummer Stephen, who had arrived by a specially booked "Blues taxi", dumped his gear in the main bar, and whilst procuring a frothing pint of the taverna's finest, turned to find his bass rum was being half inched, tea leafed, straight out the front door by some chancer rapscallion! The thief turned out to none other than the grand bipolar wizard of the Shawlands Loyal, seeking instrumentation for the next march on town. A few choice words later and all was solved however, and eventually the Blues Buddahs took to the stage to an expectant crowd. The band played about an hour and ten minutes of powerful numbers interspersed with a couple of jazzier pieces. Highlight of the night was the much appreciated "king crimson" style mid section of Leavin' Blues. Aside from a few transport complications, this was another great gig and when the band finally got on their mopeds home, it was an air of rejoice.

POSSIBLE McCHUILLS DATE NOT CONFIRMED BY ANYONE (02/12/05): Buddahs drummer Stephen "Sticks" McGowan has refused to confirm or deny that he may or may not have met McChuills gaffer Nicky ; and further he persistently will not say whether yon Nicholas has offered the Buddahs a gig in Springtime 2006.  Further details may appear pending political circumstance in Papua New Guinea.

4 YEARS OF BLUES POWER (26/11/05): GIG REVIEW, BON ACCORD: Even the management proudly pronounce The Blues Buddahs as the resident band! Its only taken us four years to achieve this accolade so who knows what another 4 will bring! This was the 4 year anniversary gig for the Buddahs in our favourite venue, Glasgow's The Bon Accord. The night was hoaching with punters eager to sup at the table of the mighty Buddah and a good crowd turned up - and some of them even stayed after we began playing! The Buddahs took the opportunity to blood a few numbers which they had been working on frenetically behind the scenes: these included BB King classic She's Dynamite and jazz favourite Song For My Father. There are more new numbers planned, so watch this space! The Bon Accord has become like a comfortable pair of slippers for the Buddahs, slippers you can only wear with odd socks. And to that end, another great night was had by all - even if the famous travelling Buddahs Glitter Ball was nowhere to be seen....

THE ST VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE (16/11/05) The Blues Buddahs would like to keenly announce that our gig in The Black Bull, Gartmore, which was scheduled for 3rd December 2005, has been re-arranged for Saturday 10th February 2005. This has nothing to do with Valentines Day except that its close. There will be, however, a massare.

THE SKETCH NO LONGER SKETCHY (12/11/05): Organisers of "The Sketch", after protracted negotiations surroundig The Tall Ship and other venues, have finally settled on a venue: The Carnival Arts Centre in Glasgow's Albion Street in the Merchant City. The opening night of The Sketch will be on December 9th 2005, but the Buddahs already booked for Strathie's that night we will be appearing at the second show on 20th January 2005. More details will follow in due course, so hang on to your hats!

NO BUSINESS LIKE MORE BUSINESS (7/11/05): In what has been the busiest year since the Buddahs inception, 2005 is going out with a bang and with some great news about the first ever BUDDAHS TOUR for January 2006. We have now confirmed playing Strathie's, Pollokshaws Road as part of the "Syxties Club" -  a new live music night of 60s and blues effervescence! We are also just about to finalise playing The Black Bull in Gartmore on 3rd December 2005. Best news of November however is the announcement that we are in negotiations for a tour of Dundee - Arbroath - Aberdeen in the last week of January 2006. Think Buddahs on wheels, jeely pieces and, of course, the authorities in hot pursuit...but always one step behind!

RUMOURS (NOT THE FLEETWOOD MAC KIND, MIND) (19/10/05): The world wide web is aflutter with vivacious and bloody minded rumours, designed to boost consumer spending and strengthen the market, that your heroes The Blues Buddahs have opened talks over a possible new album. The rumours abounded some months ago when certain original tracks were recorded as part of the now infamous "Middlemuir Sessions" for possible inclusion in a later disc. Now there are new mutterings, like a fell voice on the wind, that these will indeed be used, along with other studio and perhaps even live recordings, for a new album in time for 2006. Keep your ears peeled and eyes to the grindstone and nose open.

PEOPLE'S PALACE GIG UP IN SMOKE (12/10/05): The Buddahs are very displeased and most unambiguously regret to announce the the Peoples Palace gig on 14th october 2005 has been cancelled. The sponsorship of the event had been led by a cigarette manufacturer - however Glasgow City Council, who own the Peoples Palace, have decided that they cannot have sponsors of that nature as it would conflict with their health policies. The Sketch is to be re-arranged for some future date, with a new sponsor.

BLUES MATTERS DELAYED (10/10/05) The Dundee Blues Bonanza review has been put back to the next edition of Blues Matters! Apparently, the Blues Matters journo's ran out of room for superlatives... 

A CUTTY ABOVE THE REST (7/10/05): GIG REVIEW, THE CUTTY SARK - Our fearless (and earless) Blues heroes, The Blues Buddahs, rolled into the pleasant town of Dumbarton for their debut gig in the Cutty Sark on the High Street with their usual aplomb and ill-founded excitement. Despite an inauspicious start, the place came alive almost immediately and it was clear the good townspeople of Dumbarton were up for a good time.  Drummer Stephen was labouring with a full blown German Flu but pulled through thanks to the power of the blues! The Dancers (big hand for them) appeared after the first few bars of the opening number, and lapped up everything the band could dish out. Manager Steve thought highly of the performance, and we have been offered a gig in 30/12/05 and in Jan 06. Lets hope the Cutty Sark can be a new Bon Accord for our bluesy chums.

BLUES FOR THE PEOPLE (18/9/05): The Blues Buddahs are happy to confirm their participation in young and funky event "The Sketch" which is to take place in the Winter Gardens at the Peoples Palace.

BUDDAHS BUDDAHLISE IN BUDDA QUITE BUDDAHFULLY: GIG REVIEW, BAR BUDDA (10/9/05): A typical night in the streets of Glasgow - the sounds of fervent blues pours out of a city bar whilst innebriated stragglers wander aimlessly looking for some meat. Is it Abel Ferrara's new zombie movie? No, it's a Blues Buddah's gig! This was a debut gig for The Buddahs in this fabulous venue, with the exception of Sticksman Stephen McGowan who had played there many times with his offshoot jazz-combo "Mud & Butter" ( and to that extent the novelty factor was high. Manager james Rusk was his usual convivial self and in between playing air guitar along with the band, had a wary eye on the front door where he was expecting a film crew at any moment, who had been following a group of Glasgow likely lads out on the ran-dan for a "Booze Britain" programme. Despite a blistering performance the hunners of expected revellers never quite appeared. regrdless, this was a great gig in a fantastic venue and we hope to be back there in the future.

BLUES MATTERS!: REVISITED (25/8/05): English Blues rag Blues Matters! have approached the Buddahs to confirm that the next issue will feature a review of the Buddahs gig at the Dundee Blues Festival. Our workhorse webmaster shall endeavour to reproduce the review at the earliest convenience in these pages...that is, of course, if it's a good one!

PEOPLE'S PALACE SHOWCASE (19/8/05): After a summer of semi-inactivity, yet another new venue and new gig has been announced by The Buddahs PR Manager, Flinchey McGlinchey, who released the following errata: "I Can confirm that the Buddahs have been invited to appear at The Peoples Palace, Glasgow, on 14th October 2005 as part of an arts showcase. More details will follow at a later stage". Flinchey, recently hired by the Buddahs, is recognisable by his ruddy and bloated appearance.

BUDDALICIOUS (4/8/05): The Buddahs hibernation period continues to be surprisingly fruitful with yet another new venue date announced. After protracted image rights negotations we are especially pleased to confirm that we will be playing Bar Budda, 142 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, on Friday 9th September 2005. This popular city centre venue will be a home from home for The Buddahs due its Buddahly decor and we hope the powers of both The Buddahs and Bar Budda combine to create an evening of blues power!

NEW VENUE ANNOUNCED (26/7/05): The Buddahs are pleased to announce we have confirmed a gig in a new venue for us, The Cutty Sark in High Street, Dumbarton. The Gig will be on Friday, 7th October 2005. We look forward to playing this new venue and hope our own brand of bluesy goodness will go down a storm!

SUMMERTIME BLUES (5/7/05): The Buddahs would like to announce that we are now officially on our summer holiday hibernation period. Our next scheduled gig is in The Waverley Hotel on 27th August 2005 - although if anything else pops up, you will be the first to know! We're all off to tie handkerchiefs on our head, grow moustaches, wear string vests and eat spam.

EDGE BAR GIG CANCELLED (5/7/05): Buddah followers will be aware that we had a scheduled gig on 9th July in The Edge, however we have now pulled out of this event. This is due to the fact the management of the premises have been found out to be liars and cheats. The Buddahs have discovered that the bar is paying other bands 250  quid a gig, yet refused to pay anything for The Buddahs and wanted our fee to be based on our own ticket sales. The management informed us they did not pay bands. It is then particularly sickening when we break our backs for months in advertising and ticket sales to find out we have been cheated. Not a very good business, especially as we were the first band to play the venue, effectively opening it up for others such as Roost. We also got the place a lot of publicity and a smashing review. To make matters worse, the management did not sell A SINGLE ticket which just goes to show that The Buddahs were well and truly shat on. The Entertainment game can be a nasty business some times.

NETHER MIND THE BOLLOCKS (4th July 2005): Gig Review: The Nether Inn, Dundee Blues Festival: This was The Buddahs first foray into the muggy heat of the Dundee Blues Festival of sunshine and great music. With over a hundred bands playing in 35 venues the city of Dundee has an excellent festival atmosphere on the weekend of the Blues Festival, with the amazing Otis Grand playing the finishing set on the Sunday night. The Buddahs arrived, having been airlifted by Chinook to avoid any G8 complications, at the Nether Inn in time to catch the second set by popular local band "Little Wolves", who had attracted a numerous and excited following. The Buddahs sat back and enjoyed the gig whilst drummer Stephen supped from a 2 litre jug of milk to help his ulcer, in true rock and roll style! When it was time for our heroes to go on the crowds had vanished! So many bands, so little time - but after the first two numbers a great swathe of people appeared as if from nowhere and soon the place was heaving. The Buddahs were the only band to make it from Glasgow and it seemed a lot of people wanted to see how we would hold up the flag of the Dear Green Place. Inspired by the great crowd who were fantastic throughout the gig, the Buddahs went from strength to strength and frontman Dennis was out of this world. His passionate renditions and cheeky banter had the crowd lapping him up, and when the band played they gave 'em hell! Highlights of the gig were many ; but perhaps the funniest moment was at the end of a particularly raucous "Double Trouble" when drummer Stephen was so caught up in bluesy meanderings he meandered straight of his stool and onto the floor! Luckily most of the crowd had their eyes on Dennis however this moment of slapstick excellence was witnessed by the rest of the band, much to their delight! After the gig we are all thoroughly praised which was great for us as we felt we had played a fantastic gig and had really enjoyed ourselves. The bar manager said we were the best act he had had in any of the festivals, and dozens of the punters passed on their well wishes, support and thanks for the passionate performance. Of particular note was the return of "Politician", ironic in the presence of friend-to-the-Buddahs Nick Simmonds, whose brother Chris was also in attendance. The Blues Buddahs loved playing the festival and we hope to get back bigger and better for next year. The official Blues Bonanza photographer was there, and his offerings can be seen by visiting his site at and looking under Dundee Blues Festival Images.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE BLUES BAND (30/6/05): The most recent review of The Blues Buddahs, by Stephen McKenna of, has been published. The full body of the report can be read by looking at our "Reviews" page by clicking the link above, or by visiting for the review in it's original home. The review itself is excellent and very complimentary to the bashful Buddahs, with particularly high praise for guitarist Lambwhistle Chopperscope! Thanks Stephen, we're glad you enjoyed the gig and thanks again for such a great review!

BLUES OVER THE EDGE (24/6/05): GIG REVIEW, THE EDGE BAR: The Buddahs headlined a three band line up in the upper bar of The Edge, overlooking the sunny George Square where crowds had gathered to listen to the strains of jazz sax legend Courtney Pine. After stellar support by the jazzy Mud & Butter ( and the energetic Gus Monro Band, The Blues Buddahs came to the stage in front of a very good turnout and played another exciting night of dynamic blues! Gus Monro, who had stayed after his set to catch the Buddahs, described the sound as "Blues meets pyschadelic jazz",  and with the lighting rig in the premises this was a pretty accurate description! Highlights of the set were "Walking By Myself", and of course the Buddahs great rendition of "Politician", which was a personal triumph for the band as it had been something of a bogey song.

SMALLEY IN VOICE SHOCKER (21/6/05): Just two days before the Grand Edge Bar gig, Dennis Smalley has had an attack of the vocal gremlins. Due to un-prickled fig, the dearly beloved frontman and patter merchant extraordinaire has shocked the music world by getting a little hoarse. Fear not however, as the albus oil and other essential elements that keeps Dennis energy levels up have been ordered in great supply. In other news, Strathclyde Police have dropped charges of Bestiality after hearing that a Mr D Smalley was "feeling a little horse".

DUNDEE BLUES FESTIVAL VENUE ANNOUNCED 20/6/05): The Blues Buddahs webmasters can exclusively reveal here that the Buddahs will be playing The Netherton Inn, Dundee, from 4pm to 6pm on Sunday 3rd July 2005 as part of the reknowned Dundee Blues Festival. This exclusivity is fiercly guarded, despite that fact that this information has been on the Dundee Blues Festival website for a while now...ahem, anyway please visit the festival site at  and have a gander at the great line up, and we hope to see you in The Netherton Inn!

HOT AS HELL (19/6/05) McCHUILLS GIG REVIEW: The Blues Buddahs, the hardest ticket in Glasggow bluesville, took on the might of the West End Festival with no holds barred, and no security staff. An inauspicious start to this gig led to dancing and frolics with all manner of creatures from the Scary Kingdom known as McChuills in the deep, dark heart of Glasgow Cross. Those weary travellers attending the gig leapt in particular at the Buddahs mighty rendition of "Black Magic Woman" complete with Santana style intro-outro humour. The dancers of the night also lapped up the Buddah original "Mexico!" with great pezzaz. Glasgow basked in jungle-esque muggy heat and this, coupled with the smoky, ill-conditioned and stifling air of the premises led to a sordid, dirty evening of bluesy grit. Despite the average attendance on the night the evening bristled occasionally and the Buddahs played their usual hard hittin' and passionate stuff. Of particular note was the take of "Something Inside Of Me" in which Dennis used his growling burr to maximum effect, and an extra special lyrical rollercoaster in "I Can't Keep From Crying". In the second set Lambert's string bending antics forayed into free form jazz - although he later attributed this to the heat putting his guitar out of tune!

BLUES IN AN EMPTY ROOM (10/6/05) BOURBON STREET GIG REVIEW: Bourbon street, one of Glasgow's best known and best advertised live music venues, held host to The Blues Buddahs last night, ably supported by Americana band The Outfit. Unfortuntely the crowd attendance was terrible, only about 15 people having turned up. Bourbon Street is well known for its Tribute Acts, and it was this, perhaps coupled with the 5 pounds entrance fee that put people off. The venue itself is great and the sound was immense. Depsite only a small crowd the Buddahs had a great time on the stage and played a boisterous hour of British Blues Boom classics such as Born Under A Bad Sign and Crossroads. The supposed Support Act, Sandy Watson, did not appear and so The Outfit stood in with an acoustic set before going the whole hog with their original brand of Americana. The Buddahs would like to personally thank the following people who turned up in support: Pete, Michael & Steven ; and Davey, Joanne, Paul & Alison, Siobhan & Sharon and of course Stevie. Thanks to all for your support.

DUNDEE BLUES BONANZA CONFIRMED (6/6/05) The Buddahs are listed amongst the CONFIRMED bands playing at this years Dundee Blues Bonanza on 1st, 2nd & 3rd July 2005 ! Although the exact schedule is not yet set, you may wish to see more details at Amongst the other acts are Otis Grand, The Boogaloo Investigators, Roost, Black Cat Bone and many others. As soon as the schedule is published we will update this ite with all information!

GIG GUIDE PUBLISHED (2/6/05): The June 2005 edition has now been published online and the copies have hit the streets. The Buddahs have gone for maximum impact and are featured in two main adverts. A copy of the advert will appear in the Reviews section of the website over the next few days. To have a look at the electronic listings go to and check it out!

BUDDAHS IN BUDDA? (1/6/05): The Blues Buddahs have been approached to play in Bar Budda, 142 St Vincent Street, Glasgow - seems like a match made in Buddahly Heaven!! Discussions between the venue and our good selves are ongoing, however we hope to strike a deal to play some Friday nights over the summer months.

THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE (23/5/05): Buddah lead singer and one time Jedi Knight Dennis Smallwalker has gone on a religious retreat to the sand ridden resort of Tatooine, just outside Turkey. Smalley's journey is fraught with danger, but, armed with his trusty Obi Wan Kenobi style beard and Kajagoogoo style mullet we are sure his powers will keep him safe from any lurking baddies. Commenting just before he left for his break Dennis stated: "I was walkin' by my sith, i hope you understand".

GIGGLE AT THE GUIDE (23/05/05): To coincide with the three gigs mentioned in the last item the Buddahs have commissioned an advert in June's edition of "The Gig Guide", Scotlands best loved guide to whats hot and all live music. If you are responding to the advert in the Gig Guide please a message on The Guestbook page so that we can monitor the feedback. Thanks Buddah spotters!

THIS JUNE: BLUES TO THE HIGHEST BUDDAH! (21/5/05): A gentle reminder to all our genteel and well-heeled buddah fans that this summer is the summer of Buddah love! We will be the love Buddahs on the 9th June 2005 in Bourbon Street, supported by Sandy Watson and The Outfit from 7.30pm. Then on the 28th June 2005 we will bringing down the house in McChuills and finally on 23rd June 2005 we will be headlining The Jazz Festival gig in The Edge Bar, Goerge Square.

CALLANDER CANCELLED (7/5/05) : TONIGHTS GIG OFF : Due to an unfortunate car accident The Blues Buddahs are unable to make tonights gig in The Waverley Callander. Luckily no one has been seriously hurt. Our apologies to all Buddah fans and we hope to see you at the next gig in June.

SWEET HOME ALA-BAMS (1/5/05): GIG REVIEW, BON ACCORD 30/04/05: The Buddahs, described Bon Accord manager Paul McDonagh as "head & shoulders above the rest of the live acts in here", had another successful evening of jollity and blues carnivale. Prior to the gig a drumming masterclass was held by Stephen "Sticks" McGowan as budding young drummer Rebecca Clarke, 13, sat behind the kit and picked up a few tricks of a live setup. Bex went down a storm with the 20 odd strong Harley Davidson bikers night out, with cries of "'Mon the drummer!" aplenty. The gig kicked off with a few back to back stormers such as "Watch Out" and "Messin With The Kid" and the atmosphere was pretty great. Throughout the first half there were drunken cries of "Sweet Home Alabama ya bas!" which the Buddahs tried to ignore, and finished with the new song "Gamblin' Woman Blues". After a quick break the Buddahs were back on, and succumbed to three requests, including "Need Your Love So Bad", "Sunshine Of Your Love" and....yes, you've guessed it, "Sweet Home Alabama". The band had never played this song before but managed to cobble together two verses....Lord, I'm coming home to you! The bikers got rowdier and ended up dancing closer and closer to the band to the point where Dennis was almost knocked off his feet! The band managed to feature new songs "Im Your Witchdoctor" and "Walking By Myself" which both went down a treat. All in all it was a great gig, made all the better by some excellent audience feedback and appreciation! 

NEW WEB LAYOUT (27/4/05): As a result of Freeservers Web feedback, The Blues Buddahs have removed the big list of up and coming gigs from our home page and given them a page of their own. Unbelievably, this all new page is to be named "Gigs", an announcement which has seen the stock market plummet ten points in one afternoon.

BOURBON TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE (27/4/05): Tickets for The Bourbon Street gig are now available from Lost in Music or by contacting us through the web.

SEASON OF THE WITCH (26/4/05): The Buddahs are pleased to announce they have added three new songs to the Blues Buddahs SongBook, which will be aired live for the first time at The Bon Accord on Saturday 30th April 2005. These songs are "Walkin' By Myself", "Im Your Witchdoctor" and "Gamblin Woman Blues".

LA-MINT POLOSCOPE (23/4/05): reports are widely received today by the International News Agencies that Blues Buddahs guitarist and one time mime artist Lambert Horoscope has been involved in a freak industrial accident which has seen his head replaced by a giant polo mint. Whilst early sources are sketchy, The Buddahs are unafraid of this development and can reveal that the move is simply a marketing exercise.

The Buddahs can confirm the following schedule for the jazz festival gig in The Edge Bar: 7.30pm to 8.15pm : Michael Strain's Mud & Butter. 8.45pm to 10pm: Gus Munro's Blues Band and then at 10.30pm through the night....Those Fabulous Blues Buddahs!

BUDDAHS MAKE THE AIRWAVES (21/4/05) : The Blues Buddahs have again been given some airtime on the popular Radio Scotland Iain Anderson show, Monday - Friday 10pm to 12midnight. Mr Anderson has now played three tracks from the "3 Beds" album over the last few months and we are much obliged to him, We hope to arrange a special advert for the jazz festival gig.

JAZZ FESTIVAL DATE CHANGE (13/4/05): The 2005 Glasgow Jazz Festival is 16th June to 26th June. Accordingly, the Edge Bar Jazzfest gig, featuring Gus Munro's Blues Band and Michael Strain's "Mud & Butter",  will take place on 23rd June 2005, and the 9th July 2005 gig will revert to a Blues Buddahs only gig.

DENNIS IS IN FINE VOICE (12/4/05): Another new feature to the website - when you log onto the Home Page you will hear a clip, played only once for sake of sanity, of Dennis declare "We are, always have been and always will The Blues Buddahs!"

GLASGOW RHYTHM & BLUES SOCIETY (12/4/05): This new society is seeking to bring a lot of darn good trumpetry to the fine city of Glasgow and needs your support. Have a gander at for more information.

The Buddahs can confirm that the date for headlining "Club Americana" at Bourbon Street is 9th June 2005. Tickets are 5.00 pounds and can be bought from Lost in Music on 0141 339 8155. The club night is run by "The Outfit". For more details on The Outfit and on the Club Americana nights see Other guest headliners include Tam White & Fraser Spiers, and The Hellfire Club.

REVIEW ON "THE FLY" (7/4/05): John Stewart of London~Berlin axis band "The Flies" has kindly reviewed some of our, as yet unreleased, forthcoming material. To read his unedited review simply click on "Band Reviews" above.

THE SUMMER OF BLUES LOVE (7/4/05): The Blues Buddahs are pleased to announce a swathe of new venues and gigs for the coming summer months. On May 19th 2005 we have been invited to play at the new Club Americana night in the city's famous "Bourbon Street" venuew, well known for its live bands. The night itself will be a weekly event with different guest headliners and is hosted by The Outfit. Your heroes will appear as the guest headliners that night and we hope Club Americana has great success. Secondly we can also confirm two summer gigs in The Edge bar, on Glasgow's George Square. We will be playing like hell on Thursday 23rd June 2005, and then as part of the Glasgow Jazz festival we will be running an all day event of music on the premises. We hope to see you all at these gigs and support the band! Tickets will be on sale from Lost in Music, on 0141 339 8155 within the next few days.

BLUES BUDDAHS STRESS BUSTERS (6/4/05): The Blues Buddahs are pleased to announce another new feature to this fabulous website! We have now introduced a Games page where you can go and let off all that bluesy steam. Simply click on Blues Buddahs Games on the site menu above and you can see the 8 different games available. All the games are classic arcade games with a Blues Buddahs twist. For example, in "Heartburn Horor" you must collect as many heartburn pills as you can to help drummer Stevie Sticks make the next gig! Or in "Lambert Rampage" you play as Lambert, behind the wheel of his car in Main Street Callander and you have to kill as many pedestrians as possible.

SOUND BITES (2/4/05): We can now reveal that the sound clips have been dramatically reworked for the benefit for our web-fans. The clips, which feature various Buddah songs, are now 20 seconds long at a much improved quality. You can also download The Blues Buddahs Songbook, featuring our full play-list, as well as a historical set list from Christmas in Callander Dec 20th 2003 featuring "themed" songs.

GIG REVIEW, CALLANDER: In the Buddahs first trip up north in 2005 our hearty heroes were met with a twinkle and a smile. Starting with popular favourite "Need Your Love So Bad" the crowd gave a great response and the band was kicking. However this gave way within a few numbers and in the end the response was fairly lacklustre. The band however put in some great performances in this pre-tourist season gig and double celebration, as super-bassist and former monopoly champion of Aberfoyle (three years running) William "Wilberforce" Whitelaw celebrated his (cough) birthday. After a brief post gig swally our Buddahly heroes escaped out the front door, having got away with it again!

COUNTER ATTACK (31/3/05): Further to the previous news item, the Blues Buddahs webmaster would like to confirm that in no way is the site the exclusive preserve of a small but hearty group. Mr Webmaster can quite readily add that the site has in fact achieved a global status, why just the other day we were viewed by an internet user somewhere in deepest, darkest Cambuslang.

COUNT ME IN (31/03/05): In another surprise move the Buddahs were due to announce yet another website advancement. The British Foreign Office, having got wind of this latest development, reportedly fell into a state of disaray as they tried to manage to the flood of calls and requests for further information. We now move to quell any further uprising by exclusively revealing that this latest development is the addition of a "counter" on the Buddah home page, which racks up a number every time someone visits the site. As the site has been up for over two years now there is probably a shortfall in the number...and there is no truth to the ugly rumour that 99% of the numbers shown will be by visits from the band members themselves.

IT'S ALLI I I I I IVVEE! (31/03/05):
After months of copyright negotiation the Buddahs are now playing at you LIVE across the internet! Thats right, if you go to "Listen to the Buddahs" you will be able to listen to some brief excerpts of our Buddahly heroes. Caveat Emtor, mi amigos, for at this stage the quality of these is, to be perfectly blunt, pish. That and the fact they are only 10 seconds long each means the big ducks are not quite "quacking" in their boots...however we are in the process of trying to get a better quality and longer excerpts. Never fear, Buddah followers, becuase Those Fabulous Blues Buddahs will get away with it again!

THE G.R.B.A.S INDUCTION (29/03/05): Last saturday night was the first meeting of the Glasgow Rhythm & Blues Appreciation Society, in the Central Hotel, hosted by The Boogaloo Investigators. The (Rhythm&)Blues Buddahs were represented by "Odd Sock" Willie Whitelaw, power house bass player and avid meat collector. Odd Sock Willie, so called becuase he never wears two socks the same, reported on the night: "The boogaloo's were very good as you would expect, tight , well rehearsed and skilled to a man. I didn't realise that kits could have such a distinctive sound. Clearly this is deliberate and an attempt to get the authentic sound and very convincing it was too. They played good shit and seemed less james brown than 2 yrs ago, maybe this was just a blues slanted set though, given the venue. Ritchie was attired in a suit as were all the band except the keyboard man. Ritchie looked like an early dirty harry film - he's had a hair cut as well. My favourite was a version of "Come back baby.....i wish you would" since me and al used to do it. I'm glad i went and i'm pleased it exists. the turn out was maybe only 60 folk max so if it's not supported it will die. "
Lets hope not, young Wilbur! We need all the appreciation societies we can get!

GIG RUMOURS (21/3/05):
Other Buddah rumours to pass into that great Buddah Lexicon in the sky: Negotiations are underway with The Edge Bar, on Glasgow's George Square and introductions have been made in Prestwick's Cafe Bon. The Buddahs hope these negotiations will lead to something a bit more tangible than the previous so called "offers" we have received: such as the Masonic Tour (play anything but just keep it a secret), the Harley Davidson Annual Gathering (leathers optional), and of course the request we received to play in the Magic Rainbow Kingdom of Umbo, the Fairy Prince. To be fair to Umbo, as his mysterious and enchanting world of moonbeam dust and pixie wishes only appears once a year, gig space must be at a premium.

This uncharacteristic return to The Bon Accord was a belter. The venue was packed to the gunnels, so much so that people began to discuss what "gunnels" actually were. More exciting was the attendance of the German wing of the Blues Buddahs fanclub, "Der Buddah Banner", who hail from Lubeck, 1 hour outside of Hamburg. Attending where Thomas, Irmela, Achim and Anya - The Blues Buddahs would like to say Danke to these Deutschlanders, whose support was most appreciated! Also present where members of the disbanded blues rocksters "Huckster", Euan Varney, Martin Cuthbertson and Euan Varney, with whom Stephen McGowan had been drummer. Once again it was hot as hell up there, but due to a great crowd reaction, with those Fabulous Germans leading the way, the band were on fire - the crowd lapped up Dennis' back story to the naming of "Mexico!" and loved the impromptu "Is This The Way To Amarillo". The buddahs finished the set with a Buddahlisation of the classic "Money", a live first for the band.
                   *Translation: The Bagpipe Blues!

We are currently in the process of adding a Listening page to the site - where you will be able to listen to small snippets of our heroes in action. Unfortunately we are restricted in the size of samples the site can hold, but never fear buddah fans, the selection shall be ones of particularly meaty moments, like the time Willie got caught in a ham-slicing machine.

MCGOWAN IN BOURBON BISCUIT OUTRAGE (17/3/05) Drummer Stephen McGowan today confirmed that he had been in talks with Bourbon Street Manager John McKay. Initial reports had suggested this was in connection with a possible "Best of British Blues" gig, however it wa in fact a misunderstanding on McGowans part, who thought the establishment was a sort of welcome point for people afflicted with Bourbon Biscuit Addiction. The association of the drumming bluesman with such a seedy condition has significant ramifications for the band. Biscuit lawyer Mr Minty Penguin said: "He would have been in the clear if it was Wagon Wheels".

BUST UP DENIED (16/03/05):
Newscasters around the globe have reported an apparent "bust up" in rehearsals at The Practice Pad studio in Maryhill, just behind C Division Cop Shop. Rumours began when singing sensation Denni-Denni Swiftmonkey, formerly an Congolese hitman, was seen collecting blood pressure pills, and Buddah axeman (not literally an axeman, of course) Ali-Baba Morrison (not the supermarket) was overheard saying "it was some bust up". This was later claimed to be untrue. In fact Denni-Denni had been collecting his herbal viagra after being chatted up by a buxom blonde from nieghbouring band "Death By Paramoor", a grunge overkill outfit with emphasis on clowns and spears, and Al had in fact actually said "Shes got some bust", referring to same.

GIG NEWS FOR 2005 (02/03/05):
The Buddahs have a host of gigs booked from now til the end of the year, a list can be found on our home page. But new for 2005 is the possible inclusion in the Dundee Blues festival. Watch this space!

The Buddahs recent recording have been brutally pirated by an unknown source and released like wildfire on the internet. The story soon spread globally and in fact caused a power surge the likes of which have not been seen since McGowan last had a chicken & mushroom Pot Noodle. Bassist Whitelaw gave a statment to the Police, but that was in connection with a claim of animal buggery and entirely unconnected to the piracy of the new numbers.

BLUES MATTERS! PUBLISHED (14/02/05): The Blues Buddahs album "Three Beds and an Ironing Board has been reviewed in the English based magazine "Blues Matters!" The review itself is soon to be posted on our PRESS RELEASES page. Suffice to say "The Buddahs hit the Spot"!

ON THE RECORD (13/02/05):
The Buddahs today recorded three original numbers, as well as some stocking fillers, at Middlemuir Studios in Lenzie. The three original numbers were: MEXICO! (Travellin' Down To) , WALKING IN DARKNESS (Back Home To You) and DARK MANTRA (Time has died, a million years). The Buddahs were prompt in explaining that there been a "slight debate" over the naming of the numbers. The other songs recorded are supposedly: Honey Hush, Without You, Hideaway, I Got A Mind To Give Up Living and Theme from Thunderbirds. The Buddahs have no plans to release this material, but are looking at an all original album for the future.

The Buddahs have been informed that English magazine Blues Matters! wish to review the 3 Beds album in their February issue. We shall of course keep you avid fans posted of any further info!

Buddahs psychadelic zxylophonist Big Wee Al Lambert Horace Micro-Horo-Stethoscope Morrison moved swiftly today to announce that a recording session has been booked for Sunday 13th February 2005. The Buddahs aim to finally record some original material at this momentous occasion. The material itself however will not be music but stand up comedy. Seriously, folks...

BACK TO BASIC INSTINCT (16/01/05): Gig review, The Bon Accord:
Finally back on the live scene, the Buddahs first gig of 2005 was, in a shock move, in The Bon Accord. perenially listed as "The Blue Buddahs" the missing "s" from Blues had in fact led to a increase in numbers of fans expecting to see something a little raunchier than what the Buddahs had on offer. Despite Willie's nipple-tastic  leather outfit their appetite for pornographic filth was only sated when one time belly-dancer Smalley echoed a famous Sharon Stone scene by crossing his legs in a provocative way. Unfortuntely in doing so he cricked his back and was promptly carried out on a stretcher in agonising pain.

Stories indicate Dennis Smalley went to work today.

In a surprise declaration today, it was revealed that some erroneous information has been posted in an attempt to make up for the fact the hee-haw has happened since the new year. These reports are furiously denied.

BIONIC ARM TO BE GRAFTED (12/01/05): One armed freak Stephen McGowan is to be fitted with a robotic arm in a bid to save the world from the loss of The Buddahs. McGowan had learned to use his feet to replace the missing ar, but still couldnt crack open an egg, which is no yolk.

STICKSMAN IN ONE ARM REPORTS (02/01/05) Following a recent media splurge and a featurette "Behind The Kit", there have been increasing rumours on the stock market that Stephen "Sticks" McGowan suffered a festive injury, on account of intemperance, in which he lost an arm. He apparently fell in front of two trains running. We asked him how this could have happened. He said "I was walking in darkness".

THAT TIME ALREADY? (24/12/04):
Unbelievably, it seems like only yesterday we at were wishing our hundreds of web fans a merry christmas. The Buddahs will go into hibernation now until 2005. Here are our New Year resolutions: 1) To stop using the word HELL on flyers and in this site, 2) to shave all facial hair 3) to record some original numbers 4) chase more gigs 5) get that rather unsightly green lump removed from my...ahem... er, seek worldwide fame!

"THREE BEDS" SELLS OUT (05/12/04): There were 100 copies of Three Beds & An Ironing Board pressed...and there will be no more: well, now there are no more! Thats right folks, the album has officially sold out.

REVIEWS ADDED TO SITE (19/11/04) We have introduced a new page to the website called "Press Releases" which contains, incredibly, press releases about your heroes The Buddahs. We expect this page to fill up quite quickly owing to our large PR machine....

( 4/11/04) The October 2004 edition of Scots Blues News, the only dedicated Scottish Blues magazine, has reviewed both "Three Beds and An Ironing Board" and the last Buddahs gig in The Bon Accord. Early reports are that both these reviews are excellent...full copy will of course appear here shortly.

BUDDAH'S BLACK BULLED (23/10/04) GIG REVIEW, THE BLACK BULL, GARTMORE. Having secured their green card, blues travellers The Blues Buddahs rolled into Gartmore and set up shop in popular local haunt and former abbatoir "The Black Bull". The start of the gig was marred somewhat by two power shortages, later attributed to some portable carcass freezing units, hidden round the back for the storage of dead animals and unpopular residents. Despite this inauspicious start, by the end of the evening the entire population of this great Scottish Village was clamouring for every drop of sweat the Buddahs could wring - unfortunately what they had thought was the glistening droplets of Blues effort was in fact slurry from the fastly rotting meatstuffs "roon" the back.

NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN (16/10/04) GIG REVIEW, THE BON ACCORD. This gig, the Buddahs 30th or so in The Bon Accord without error of substance, was notable for two major events: One, a journo from the Scots Blues News was present to cast his wise and wisened eye over proceedings, the other was that the Buddahs woeful attempt of Cream song "Politician" ended in unmitigated disaster!The gig was however, a success, and the musical highlight for our heroes was the performace of original number "Back Home To You". This slow, night train blues witha killer punch was a stand out of the set, along with other Buddah penned classics "Dark Mantra" and "Travellin' Down To Mexico". The Buddahs also aired their take on Danny Kirwan's "Mac" number "I'm So Lonely".

RAIN TOWN (1/10/04) Buddah singer Denny Swillmouth has moved to deny rumours he is to sign Deacon Blue tribute band "Rain Town". Press reports had linked him with taking on the Ricki Ross role. However this rumour was attributed the fact that Denzeloid packs his lunch in a sunblest bag, and children call him bogie. Apparently, he never lets on, but i know cos he once told me.

BAR 91, 91 BARRED! (22/9/04): GIG REVIEW: BAR 91, CANDLERIGGS, GLASGOW: This gig, a first in this venue for The Buddahs, was part of The Merchant City Festival 2004, a local venue for live groups, performance artists and plays. The band decided to play a jazzier set, which was more suited to the ambience of the premises, and a nice change to the frenetic blues-fest of McChuills the weekend previous. The choice of numbers included such jazz instrumentals as Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Chitlins Con Carne and Afro Blue. The venue itself was not, to be fair, stowed by any means but reasonably populated for this mid-week live set. Nevertheless this gig stands out in The Blues Buddahs canon, being our jazziest set ever and a chance to show a barely released mellow side. Oh, and 91 people were not barred, that was just an attention grabbing headline. Sorry.

ALBUM SALES NOT AS HIGH AS REPORTED (20/9/04) Further to the news item below, the Blues Buddahs webmaster can now reveal that in fact the previous estimate was too high. The queen has withdrawn her statement and the world has gone back to blowing the hell out of itself.

ALBUM SALES REPORTED AS HIGH (20/9/04)  Upon consultation with Buddah accountants, the band can reveal that album sales of "Three Beds & An Ironing Board" have reached world breaking proportions. Sky News has reported that Her Majesty is due to make a statement on this relevation and in a surprising move, the World has declared a global period of peace and harmony by way of recognition of the Buddahs achievement.

"78 FAGS A YEAR,  100% PURE BLUES IN TWO 45s" (18//9/04) LIVE AT McCHUILLS, HIGH STREET. The Glasgow Sunday Mail of 19/9/04 reported that standing in McChuills for 1 hour was the equivalent to smoking 78 cigarettes a year. If they measured the air on this fine Glasgow night the predominant toxin would not be the black foulness of nicotine but the blood boiling, heart beat like a hammer driving beat of our heroes and heroines, THOSE FABULOUS BLUES BUDDAHS! For their first ever gig at this venue, the band arrived out of sorts as they battled through the drunken rioters of the hard end of Glasgows city centre. Rhythm section Willie Whitelaw and Stephen "Sticks" McGowan had risked a vehicular assault from most of Glasgows welcoming taxi drivers and ran a double gauntlet of doughballs and gorillas dragging their knuckles in the streets. This Arena of Fear seemd to inspire the bass/drum double act though as the acoustics of a railway arch roof seemed to be ideal for a punchy and groovin' rhythm. Oh, and the singing and guitaring wisney three bad neither. Andy Warhol-wannabe and cigar superstar Nicky, owner of McChuills, praised the band later by saying "I like to get me punters out ASAP, and theres nothing better than a band with the licensing board involved to kick them up the arse!" Barkeep "Yoda", so called becuase he looks like kermit the frog, was so impressed with our bluesy idols that drinks were on the house. Later it was discovered three guys were also on the house, on top of it that is, pished oot their nuts and battlin it oot. Ah, Glasgow!

BUDDAHLICIOUS (12/9/04) Cadbury's Confectioners have approached our bluesy heroes with the intention of marketing a new delicacy, to be called the "BuddahBar". The BuddahBar will have five types available. They will be circular, like wagon wheels, with a chocolately face in the centre: One of each buddah member and fifth bar will be the bass drum image. The Lambert Horoscope bar will however not have a face but a huge question mark. . . .

KNACKERED OUT BLUES (11/9/04) LIVE AT THE WAVERLEY HOTEL, CALLANDER - REVIEW - The last night of the Callander Beer Festival was a hot and steamy affair. The Buddahs, fresh from the tropical jungles of Maritimo and a UN monetary investigation (sub-judice) played like a brewing storm, until finally the lightening burst forth with such power and bravado that Thor himself was shamed, and moved back from Valhalla to live with his mum again. The revellers drank from the horn of plenty until the Buddahs were fit to drop. Taverna owner and St Nick doppelganger Gordon Scott rubbed his belly in delight at the set finishing "Shakin All Over" and "Keep On Runnin", whilst the crowd went crazy for a heated version of "Sunshine Of Your Love" and lapped up a Santana influenced "Black Magic Woman". Highlight of the night for the Buddahs was, of course, the hearty ham & relish sandwiches laid on at half time. ----Reviewer: Sawney Bean

ALL TENT UP (30/8/04) A source close to the Buddahs has revealed that last night our plucky troops gathered in the pishing rain eating various meats and freshly burnt delicacies under what some journo hack has called the "Gazebo of Truth". This back garden Pow-Wow was not as a result of Kissinger style diplomacy but due to the BBQ offerings being laced with a most potent truth serum. This, it seemed, was administered by bassist Willie, in an effort to draw out the culprit who had left him with a dozen odd socks.

ALBUM REVIEW EXPECTED (24/8/04) Editor of the SCOTS BLUES NEWS, Chris Simmonds, has agreed to review the Buddahs latest album, "Three Beds And An Ironing Board", for the next edition. Mr Simmonds has been provided with a copy of the album, a months supply of valium and a good length of rope.

MUDDY WATERS (21/8/04)
The gig at Callander tonight was something of a wash out. Having been called in at the last minute, the Buddahs arrived in Callander in the wake of a horrific landslide which had affected the tourist trade of the area. The Buddahs, with their infamous tact and dashing socio-geographical awareness, proceeded to shock the locals with performances by "Muddy Waters", and of course the Led Zepplin number "When the Levee Breaks" was a delight. The highlight of the night musically was a 20 minute sound experiment, which began as "Afro Blue", and ended up in a bizarre cloning incident which Dr Moreau would have been proud of.

WALKIN' IN DARKNESS (18/8/04) The Blues Buddahs lead guitarist and part time druid, Horace Microscope/Lambert Horoscope/ Etc Etc, has penned a new original number for the Buddahs, which, along with the profound lyrics of Cheese-Maestro Denzel Smallworth, has been formed today in rehearsal as a "new song". The reverbrations of this are still being felt in the music industry where there is much gnashing of teeth, wailing, screams, and skinning of domesticated pets. The inventive Buddah guitarist seemed unaware of this palava however, preferring to spend his free time polishing his fine collection of sickles.

TABLE TENNIS BLUES (5/8/04) Buddahs lead singer, Dennis Smalley, has been caught between a rock and a hard place recently with the Studio One debacle. Dennis is in the unfortunate position that he also sings with Studio One hosts "The Magic Blues Surfers", lead by Jim Ward, who run the rule over the live music there. Despite this dichotomy The Buddahs have to press on, and have turned down the offer of playing a Thursday night in the venue sometime in the future.

2nd AUGUST? NO CHANCE! (1/8/04) Well folks, we've been stiffed again. After weeks worth of advertising, PR and drumming up support for the STUDIO ONE gig on 2nd August 2004, the Buddahs regret to announce that the gig is no longer on. This is due to the "powers that be" deciding, after messing us about with gigs twice before, to leave us in the lurch. It was left for drummer Stephen McGowan to discover, days before the gig, when he entered the premises with posters that he had been posted all over the west end, to notice that the gig was not listed. This nonsense, dear buddah fans, is the 3rd time we have arranged, months in advance, to play this place and days before find out that they've bumped us. As a result we regret to announce that Studio One can STICK IT.

ALBUM CAUSES STIR  (19/7/04) The new Blues Buddahs album, "Three Beds And An Ironing Board" has been received far and wide and sales are steady. Clerk to the CIty of Glasgow Licensing Board, Mr Stewart Ferguson, bought a copy and later spoke to - "These guys should give up the day job. This album is full of energy, has class written all over it. Smalley is in fine, passionate voice and guitarist Microscope manages to sound like Clapton, Green et al all rolled into one!"

THE MICK STRAIN EXPERIMENT(18/7/04) The Blues Buddahs have recently been joined by upstart guitar hero Michael Strain, who joined us for three gigs, playing in The Bon Accord, Dunoon and Callander. Despite his bullish aggression, firebrand axe skills and card carrying membership of the blues intelligentsia Mick has not joined the band on a permanent status. mick had previously guested at various gigs and features on Disc 3 of The Wonderful World of The Blues Buddahs. Unfortunately Mick's time in the band was short lived. When asked about this later, Mick said this was down to "musical differences".

THREE BEDS AND AN IRONING BOARD (15/6/04) ALBUM LAUNCH!!! The new Blues Buddahs album has finally arrived! "Three Beds And An Ironing Board" features 13 tracks of Buddahly goodness! The front design, a South Park style pastiche of the band, has led to much amusement from the music wierdos of Glasgow! Journalists from all over the city have been in a fervour, one describing the work as "rampant lunacy", another stating "hide your children and boil the neighbours, the Buddahs are back in town!". A new feature, Buddah Discography, is expected to appear on this site in a months time, at which the album will be discussed in more detail. If you wish to purchase a copy of the album, call Lost in Music on 0141 339 8155!

THIS COULD LEAD TO JAZZ (21/3/04 Gig Report, Waverley Hotel) In this, the first Buddahs gig in Callander of 2004, the Buddahs were priviledged to be the first band to play the new look Claymore Bar, recently refurbished by proprieters Gordon & Barry Scott. The gig began well with lashings of haggis pakora for the band beforehand, nourishment required for the jazz/funk psychaedlia ahead! The first half saw the Buddahs hit a purple patch, dusting off old favourtite "Double Trouble" to great acclaim, which was infused with a masterful take on Floyd's "Echoes" for maximum humour.  A crowd favourite was "I Believe to my Soul" with Lambert providing the backing vocals, and there was a great response to newer offering "Time is Tight". The Buddahs are soon to feature on the Waverley's webiste as a "star attraction" to this popular Scottish bar. Local photographer Jason took some pictures of the band...however later it was discovered that in fact these pictures were not for the website but to scare away the burglars....
Reviewer-----Harpo Marx (For more of this review, see "Harpo Speaks")

STUDIO ONE GIG CANCELLED (13/3/04) The Buddahs regret to announce that the previously advertised gig of Monday, 15th March 2004 is NO LONGER ON . . . . . .Unfortunately the management of this premises double booked with a band called "Lazy Poker"and the Buddahs have lost out. But never fear Buddahlites, our hearty blues heroes are unperturbed by this shock announcement and will continue to battle for gigs all over Scotland. We expect further news from the premises regarding this matter over the weekend.

C U BOBBY! (3/3/04) The Buddahs have been practising with guitarist Wee Bobby, fresh from his adventures in Glam Parsons, a Glam/Country band. Buddahs singer Dennis said "Bobby is a great wee guy, fantastic on the guitar and its been good to practise with him. He guested with us at a christmas gig last year and went down well. Drummer Stephen added "Hes got a big van and can do a "soopoib" Donald Duck impression".

WURTHEY ORIGINALS? (28/02/04 Gig Review, Bon Accord) Back again to this Charing Cross establishment, the highlight of the night from THE BLUES BUDDAHS was their new original number, entitled "Mexico!". Penned by guitarist Alistair (lambert) Morrison (Horoscope) with words from Denzel Washings-loose. Mexico! is an upbeat, funky blues and i hope to hear more of this from them in the future. As im away a lot i dont get to see the Buddahs often so this was a rare treat. I was telling Jacques the other day he should invite them over to France but he was a bit tipsy and i dont think took my suggestion. He doesnt seem to listen to me nowadays. Anyway, being from northern, working class roots i likes a bit of blues. I picked Robert Johnsons "Crossroads" for one of my desert island discs, for example. However, it was the jazzier Afro Blue that i really enjoyed. This will be the cry for 2004 : "the Blues Buddahs, The Blues Buddahs, The Blues Buddahs!" I plan to get re-elected on it. Addendum...I received a communique from Camp Ziest today where a Mr S. Hussein is currently staying. Mr Hussain wished to say that his favourite Blues Buddahs song was "These Arms of Mine (will never be found) ".-------Reviewer : Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mr Tony Blair.

PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT : (25/02/04) The Buddahs now have a new home! As of today, the guys we all love to love are now back in Berkely 2 in Washington Street, scene of many labours and incidents of yesteryear. Buddahs bassist Willie exclaimed "Bejesus, moy old corns were right playing up in that there yonder Argyle Studios. Oy 'ope this 'ere new patch will be good for me back". His fellow blues buddhist Dennis added "I FEAR CHANGE! I FEAR CHANGE! NURSE! WHERES MY PILLS!"

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! (22/02/04) The Buddahs were today busy recording a monstrous 22 numbers in Gartmore Studios. This begin the body of work being collected to create a Blues Buddahs CD songbook. With any luck the band should be able to have a studio version of every song in the repertoire, currently about 90. The quality of this recording, still unfinished, remains to be seen. Over-enthusiastic and impatient drummer Stephen said " I want all 90 songs recorded with guitar, paino and bongos overdubs by last tuesday!" However, last tuesday had in fact passed and with humanity yet to invent a time machine this seems unlikely.

FIRST OF THE YEAR : (Gig Review, Bon Accord, Jan 04). A gig of two halves and no mistake. The four horsemen of the blues apocalypse, Dennis "Pestilence" Smalley, Lambert "Famine" Horoscope, Willie "War" Whitelaw and Stephen "Guinness" McGowan again entertained the troops of the trusty Bon Accord, purveyor of fine cask ales and pink haired bar mistresses. The Buddahs kept a steaming crowd under control in a pressure cooker of a first half and let rip with some of the classics in the second half to keep even the under cover cops, who were on the premises to investigate the claim that guitarist Lambert Horoscope was an alien from the planet Zoob, entertained. The Buddahs are part of the decor in this joint - the walls reek of the blues on smokey saturday night like this one. At the end of this gig the boys in the band were left shattered and sweating, and after a quick slug at a pint of that irish black beer they headed home in their cars. Lambert was of course, teleported to his encircling UFO which promptly entered Warp Speed with co-ordinates for the Zoob (just off the Kirky Road). Reviewer------Narry Borman

IT WAS A BLUESY GOOD YEAR!! (01/01/04) The Buddahs would like to wish a bluesy new year to all our followers and many tens of fans.

STITCHED UP FOR A NEW SUIT! (27/12/03) The four year home of our heroes The Buddahs has now closed. Yes folks, the beloved Argyll Studios has now closed and proprietor Brian Harris moved to pastures new. The Buddahs wished him all the very best with his rehab and offered him 30,000 pounds of Slaters vouchers to get a new suit. Where will the Buddahs practise now??? As yet, no new venue has been decided. ****LATE NEWS**** Just in - the Buddahs PR Guru, Dr Sticks Goebbels, has issued the following errata : "Please note that Argyll Studios had been due to close for some time and there is no truth to the rumour that radioactive waste deposited by a sickly guitarist led to the closure of the building"

MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY( 21/12/03 Gig Review : Callander, Xmas ) : ...and I hope your chimneys not too tight! The sleepy town of Callander, Perthshire awoke this morning to a blues hangover the likes of which had never been experienced before. This was later attributed not to the fiery blues passion of the Buddahs but to the illuminatory prowess of Mr Smalleys sequined jacket, the shinyness of which has left more blind than the infamous 1985 batch of Black Death Vodka. Gordon Scott, taverna owner and Father Christmas doppleganger, later exclaimed "Well I'll be a monkeys uncle!" however this was in connection with a completely separate event.  The Buddahs were well recieved this winter by the denizens of this popular Scottish village. Billed as "The Fabulous Blues Buddahs" they were the only live band to play there that night, so all the town turned up. Even deceased elder statesman Jimminy McShoogle dusted off his recent demise and although having been buried earlier that day was found propped up at the bar during the course of the night. Anyway, an excellent and masterful first half set was followed by a merry second, with a guest appearance by unlikely bluesman Noddy. The crowd went wild and the buddahs ONCE AGAIN had a bluesy ball. If i didnt know better id say these guys were musical geniuses - but obviously i do know better and they're not. Later the crowd were treated to a further mystery guest, none other than ex-Beatle SIR PAUL McCARTNEY! Yes, Sir Paul had asked sometime joiner Willie Whitelaw to carve a new wooden leg for his missus xmas prezzie. It wasn't her main gift mind, just a stocking filler. Reviewer - The Angel Uziel

DIAMOND GEEZER : (24/11/03) The Buddahs P.R. Machine has been fervently denying accusations that guitarist Lambert Horoscope is none other than international jewel thief "Il Satanico", a mysterious figure who steals religious works of art to order. His previous clients are said to have been Opus Dei, The Priory of Scion, and Spar. However we can exclusively reveal that this is a lie, as Lambert has never dealt with Spar. Lambert was unavailable for comment as he was speaking in tongues.

A CONSPIRACY UNMASKED : (23/11/03) The Buddahs are in negotiation to play Studio One on March 2004, date yet to be confirmed. This gig will be calrified in due course. There are other reports of a gig in Luss, and rumours of others afoot. Watch this space!!!

LUNACY UNDER A CHAIR (Gig Review : Oakbank Hotel, Sandbank, Dunoon) : Just like George Clooney, Harvey Keitel et al in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, the Buddahs entered the Oakbank hotel unsuspecting that the warnings of ancient mapmakers were incredibly be monsters.....  The Buddahs arrived and there was literally three men and a dug. The men were all pished, including taverna owner James N Sanity, however the canine fan, Benson, admired the Buddahs, the bass drum in particular, with his own brand of yellow, steaming veneration.  The music began after 10pm, and by then the place had filled up with the charming residents of this quaint little fishing village town. Picturesque, all visitors are politely handed a free bag of hallucinogenic drugs, with the invitation to consume with glee. One of the patrons, a wily shaven headed chap named Davey, was ebullient in his praise for the band. Speaking through the bars of a chair, which was upside down on his head, Davey Said : "LKJUHLKJHUUUHpmmmmmmmmmBIGMANuhpojouiuiuiuiuFAGSGIESAFAGFAGTAXI DISCODISCOABBALKJlkj;lkjkukyghkg" .
Another local, ex army vet "Conk", proclaimed "MEXICO!" at various intervals, though no one knew why. Conk had his own problems.The Buddahs Buddahlised till 2am, and the crowd was literally bouncing of the walls. Some were lying on the floor. Some were sleeping on the tables. Some were dancing with old women who smelled of bad brandy. And a good night was had by one and all! It was another case for those chaps at the FBI, and the authorities were hot in the trail of our buddah chums the next morning.But with sophisticated bravery, the buddahs sneaked away in the early hours of the morning, evading capture. (After a cup of tea, after waking up the boss to get the front door key, after chasing for ferry tickets back home, and after a stop in the local shop for a packet of chocolate bananas and the Sunday Mail).
Reviewer : The Jolly Green Giant

ANOTHER HARPIE HOPEFUL : (5/11/03) A report came in today that Mr Dennis Smalley, one time teacher of "Modern Dance", has turned his hand to the mississipi saxophone. A witness, who did not wish to be named, approached a national newspaper to sell his story, however a mole in the tabloid revealed all" A Mr L.N. Monster has incredible proof that Blues Buddahs lead singer, and crusader for the Blues, Mr Dennis Smalleyhas been playing harmonica." Apparently, he was witnessed playing along to Key to The Highway. Mr Monster later came forward and said : "We're Going Wrong", however this had nothing to do with Dennis playing harmonica, and was in fact a personal aside, lamenting the fate of his species.

THE BLUES FINDS A "QUINCY" - Gig Review, Bon Accord 1/11/03
In this, what could have been the last ever Buddahs gig at popular abode The Bon Accord, the blues has found its very own moral crusader, a veritable Quincy, in the form of lead singer Dennis Smalley. At the end of the gig he addressed the gathered crowd with passion, verve and style that would have moved even Adolph Hitler to tears. The live blues scene in Scotland his been a struggle to find in recent years, and passionate exponents The Blues Buddahs have tried to keep that bluesy dream alive. This gig was full of the usual blues fervour that accompanies them, but the most refreshing aspect of the gig was clearly "the humour". These guys obviously love the music and can clearly be seen laughing and cajoling each other through their set. The rambunctious Willie Whitelaw (bass) positively beamed throughout (WEBMASTERS NOTE : Willie was beaming not through bluesy excitement, but due to a very bad case of black water fever and the horrific rash that accompanies it), drummer Stephen McGowan and Big Lam on guitar were lapping it up. The crowd went wild for DARK MANTRA, a Buddahs creation based around an East Meets West Psychadelia. Other highlights were Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, a take on Afro Blue, and WHEN THE LEVEE breaks, which was the last song of the evening and went down a storm. The Buddahs had done their job - they had bluesified the audience. Then at the end Dennis implored the crowd to support their local blues band : "think of the little people!" he cried, "and god bless us, everyone!"
No, Dennis, God Bless You.    -----
reviewer : Uncle Sam the Canned Spam Man

BUDDAHS IN "STONEmason FREEmason" SHOCKER (21/10/03) :The Blues Buddahs seem to be in great demand these days. We have been approached by an agent on behalf of The Affiliated Lodge of Blues Secrecy to record a version of "The Third Degree". Naturally, the deal was agreed with a handshake

BUDDAH TV ? (14/10/03) : The Buddahs have been asked by the makers of televisions Taggart to appear as a live band in a forthcoming episode, to be entitled "Born Under A Bad Sign". Set around the shadowy goings on in a Glasgow blues den, a body is found hacked to bits, with a bloody crosscut saw near by. There were cries of "Help Me", followed by "You were born to die!". The band, played by The Buddahs, find the body and are then threatened by the mystery killer in a series of messages saying "I'll Take Care of You!" which leave guitarist Al shakin all over. He is later cornered by the villain whereupon Al cries for "Mercy, mercy mercy!" The makers had witnessed the band playing live at The Bon Accord, and were impressed enough to say "When the blues buddahs started to play, we just was moyda"!

A BLUESY PUNCH UP  - Gig Review, Studio One, 13th October 2003
The Buddahs returned to Studio One, heart of Glasgows West End Blues Bars, for the first time in a few months. A lot of controversy surrounded the gig and the band seemed to be "under a bad sign". From the off, drummer Stephen "Sticks" McGowan battled with an ailing kit, with the bass drum pedal falling apart during "you Dont Love Me". However the sticksmeister carried on and in fact fixed the pedal whilst playing! He later attributed this to his ability to freeze time. 
       The Band played a blinder however, highlights being "I'll Take Care Of You" and the shuffle changes of "Rollin' Man". A mystery harmonica player guested on "Key to The Highway" and "Leavin' Blues", introduced as Dave.

Willie Whitelaw, The Blues Buddahs bassist, has been quoted in local press as suffering form severe gastric pains owing to the devourance of a stray hot dog. He later said "There's something inside of me, and it just wont go away"