The Blues Buddahs Discography

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Three Beds And An Ironing Board

Released in Summer 2004, "Three Beds And An Ironing Board" was initially recorded in Oddsock Studios, Gartmore in February of 2004. The band recorded 22 numbers live, with Lambert later adding backing vocals, keyboards and guitars. Of the original 22, 13 made it to the album. The album was produced by the Buddahs using a design by Glasgow artist Rebecca McDiarmid. The Buddahs, in their travels, stay in some strange places in Scotland and the four band members often find that their sleeping accomodation consists of three beds and an ironing board, hence the title!
1. Born Under A Bad Sign: This track had been recorded as part of the "Buddahful Day" sessions (see below) but was not deemed strong enough. This is a much improved take of the classic Booker T Jones track.
2. Driftin: An old Peter Green track from the early Fleetwood Mac days, Buddahlised by our heroes. This is a live favourite and one of the strongest tracks on the album.
3. Get Out My Life Woman: Another track originally intended for the "buddahful day" album, but here reworked with backing vocals from Lambert. A funky upbeat blues from Butterfields "East West" album in 1966.
4. I'll Take Care of You: This Bobby Bland number is one of the highlights of the album and a perpetual request from the ladies. Here Dennis gets to showcase his vocal talents in this soulful blues ballad
5. Born To Die: Taken from Keef Hartleys famous "Halfbreed" album, this Miller Anderson number is a rollicking blues bandwagon and at over 9 minutes is a bulwark of the album.
6. All Your Love: This oft covered Otis Rush track was made famous by the British blues boom and here we add our own version to the pantheon.
7. Key To The Highway: In this track Lambert picks up the key and takes us on a fret flailing blues journey in this classic Big Bill Broonzy number.
8. I'm So Glad: This was a most enjoyable and sprightly number to play and one of the bands favourites. Lambert adds some excellent backing vocals.
9. Old Love: The cheeseified Clapton/Cray collaboration from "Journeyman" is given the Buddahs treatment, with echoes of Eric himself throughout...
10. Sittin' On Top Of The World: Another Cream inspired effort of the Howlin' Wolf track. This is another great number to play and allows everyone to exercise their instruments!
11. John The Revelator: What some consider the stand out track, this gospel fused powerhouse testifies to the Lord above, and we don't mean Richie Rinn! You will hear from the shouts in the background how much humour the band has in playing this live favourite.
12. These Arms Of Mine: Written by Otis Redding,  in this song Dennis goes over all soulful on us and Lambert adds some inspired Hawaiin sounding licks.
13. Leavin' Blues: The best for last? The final track is possibly the stand out track, from the "jazzy" opening, to the improvised mid section to the knock you off your feet ending, this is what the Blues Buddahs are all about . . .

The Wonderful World Of The Blues Buddahs

A minor release of out takes and jam sessions, this three disc "bootleg" was created from remastering old rehearsals and live gigs. This process happened over a period of four months in 2003 as drummer Stephen McGowan trawled through all the old tapes and archives. The three discs feature many oddities, strange one offs, special guests and more! Here is a (very) brief guide to the three discs :
Disc One : 1. Catfish Blues, 2. The Sweeney Theme Tune, 3.All Your Love, 4. Dark Mantra (an original indian~blues fusion), 5. Sittin' In This Prison (original number), 6. Spoonful, 7. Love That Burns (Live @ Reds, Sauchiehall Street), 8. On The Road Again, 9. Boogie Woogie (original number), 10. Echoes (jam), 11. Evil Woman (featuring Michael Strain), 12. Lambert's Horoscope (Original), 13. Odd Sock Willie (novelty song), 14. We're Going Wrong, 15. Nimmos & Rev Doc Diatribe (spoken)
Disc Two: 1. Leavin' Blues, 2. Better By You, Better Than Me, 3. Theme From Peter Gunn, 4. Young Man Blues (Live @ Bon Accord), 5. Summertime, 6. Albatross, 7. I'll Take Care Of You, 8. Baby Please Don't Go, 9. Ramblin On My Mind, 10. Talk To Me Baby, 11. We're Going Wrong, 12. Dark Mantra (alt take) 13. Crossroads, 14. Looking For Somebody, 15. Same Old Story, 16. All Your Love
Disc Three: 1. Get Out My Life Woman (album out-take), 2. Born Under A Bad Sign (album out-take), 3. Greeny (album out-take), 4. Double Trouble (
Live @ Windsor Tavern), 5. Wake Up Mama (jam), 6. Smokestack Lightnin (featuring Lawrence Thomson), 7. Cristo Redentor (featuring Lawrence Thomson), 8. The Stumble (jam), 9. I'm So Glad, 10. I Can't Keep From Crying (Live Excerpt @ Bon Accord), 11. How Many More Times (featuring Michael Strain), 12. Born Under A Bad Sign (featuring Michael Strain), 13. Born To Die (live @ Bon Accord), 14. White Room, 15. 3rd Stone From The Sun (Live Bon Accord), 16. Sittin On Top Of The World, 17. Band Announcements


It's A Buddahful Day

The first studio album was recorded in March 2002 in the garage of now famous Boogaloo Investigators frontman Richie Rinn, who also produced the album. It was recorded live and in one day, with Richie adding harmonica at a later stage. The album was something of a minor hit. In the November 2003 edition of SCOTS BLUES NEWS editor Chris Simmonds said "Their music is exciting and excels in charm...they have a definite affinity with the music they play...if they're on, go and see them!" And crucially, this album is the first recording featuring super powered bassist William Whitelaw!!!
1. Crosscut Saw: A Funky Albert King number, this groovy blues is also good to shake up the crowd - "I see you baby, shaking that ass!"
2. You Don't Love Me: our take on the Mayall/Green version, and it's still going strong.
3. I Believe To My Soul:  A Buddahs staple, this Ray Charles number was a popular live song due to its soulful swing and vocal. RIP Ray!
4. Work Song: One of the albums best tracks, this is our version of Butterfields bluesy take on this Nat Adderly jazz workout. Complete with Richie Rinn harp, this one's an absolute belter!
5. Stormy Monday: The eagle flies on friday, and on saturday the Buddahs go out to play! This classic blues track is given the night/day approach to maximum effect.
6. Just A Little Bit: A racous blues, with a punch like a blunderbuss. Inspired by that great Irish bluesman Rory Gallagher.
7. Cristo Redentor: this beautiful blues instrumental, written by Duke Pearson, features an inspired double harmonica.
8. Double Trouble: this has become synomonous with the Buddahs and here is a blistering version which has stamped itself on the Buddah psyche.
9. Walkin Blues: A classic Robert Johnson, with a little inspiration from the Butterfield version.
10.Love That Burns: A Peter Green wrench of blues, with great vocals from Dennis.
11. Steppin' Out: A driving instrumental based on Creams BBC version with added aggressive shouting!
12. Messin With The Kid: Another great Rory Gallagher blues that leaps up and slaps you square in the face. Ooooo....look at what you did!
13. I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes: Another number that has become a live favourite and often turns into a 20 minute workout! Lambert leads the way as the Buddahs jam all the way down to HELL!

Live At "396 The Bar"

A limited release live album recorded in the now defunct 396 The Bar in Sauchiehall street, (now Bar Budda, ironic??!!!) on June 29th, 2000. The Band at this stage featured John Kilpatrick on Bass and Al Stewart on drums. Al left the band shortly after this recording, and Stephen McGowan took up the stool in time to record the last three "bonus" tracks* in Berkely Studios in November 2000. These last tracks also feature the first performance of harmonica player Richard W. Rinn.
1. Dust My Broom/Heart Beat Like A Hammer, 2. Crossroads, 3. Fool No More, 4. Ramblin On My Mind, 5. Love That Burns, 6. Black Magic Woman, 7. Help Me, 8. Stone Free, 9. Red House, 10. Same Old Story, 11. Rollin Man, 12. Need Your Love So Bad, 13. Double Trouble*, 14. You Dont Love Me*, 15. Something Inside of Me*.

Too Many Fleetwood Macs

The very first Blues Buddahs album "Too Many Fleetwood Macs",  was a live recording of the band in The Tron Theatre in Glasgow. The first line up the Buddahs to record was: Vocals, Dennis Smalley, Guitar: Al Morrison, Bass: John Kilpatrick and Drums: Al Stewart. This album was a local success, selling "hunners" of copies to unsuspecting punters.
1. Long Grey Mare, 2. Stop Messin Round, 3. Something Inside Of Me, 4. Same Old Story, 5. Help Me, 6. Rollin Man, 7. Need Your Love So Bad, 8. I Loved Another Woman, 9. Homework, 10. Leavin Trunk, 11. Hoochie Coochie Man.

Live At Reds Nightclub (See "The Wonderful World") March 2001


Poster from gig in April 2004


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