The Blues Buddahs Games!

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Thats right folks! Click on the links below to play Blues Buddahs games! Everything from shooting everything in sight, to flying planes and arcade classics. All games have a crazy Blues Buddahs twist!

Blues Buddahs StressBall
After a hard days Buddahlising our heroes like nothing better than to shoot at moving objects. In this game you shoot at smiley faces whilst pretending they are your least favourite Buddah!

Den's Wingman
Did you know that Dennis was an Ace Pilot?! Well you can be his wing man anyday...after you prove yourself in this test-environment. Use the left mouse button to control your altitude and dodge the obstacles.

Buddahs Bowl-o-rama
The Blues Buddahs have played some place smellier than a bowlers odd socks. In testament to this try your luck at this ten pin bowling.

Buddahs Breakout
The classic arcade game Breakout is brought to you by The Fabulous Blues Buddahs!

The Blues Buddahs Lie Detector
Say "I love the Blues Buddahs" over and over whilst guiding your hoop over an electrified wire. Watch out for the BZZZZ!!!

Lambert's Rampage
Its 12.30am, and Main Street Callander is in for hell. Lambert is behind the wheel and not looking forward to the long trip take control of Lambert and kill as many pedestrians as you can!

Heartburn Horror
Stevie Sticks is in heartburn hell! He cant make the next gig unless you can get him his pills in time. Take control of the Pill-Plane and collect as many of the red heartburn pills as you can.

Find Willie's Gold
Bass player extraordinaire Willie Whitelaw is also a secret alchemist. You have to hunt down his gold to pay for Dennis' back operation whilst avoiding the obstacles.

Buddahs Golf
For the more discerning Buddah, this crazy little golf game will at first seem to be simple - but just like Al's meandering jazz fills leads you down avenues you'll never believe!

Buddahs Pool
The Buddahs have played many smoky pool halls, often having to make a sharp exit due to Stevie Sticks gambling debts. This game is testament to these fun filled nights.